The CEO – Mr Aaron M.

Since 2012, Mr Aaron M. has seriously involved in Information Technology (IT) and yet in 2016 involving Cryptocurrency industry through the incorporated company. It has unfalteringly lived up to its philosophy of “Invest With Best”.

For the foreseeable future,He will insist on pushing the development of cryptocurrency’s blockchain technologies inclusive the trading BOT, DE-Fi (De-Centralized Finance) complete ecosystem, digital asset-staking system, smart contract development, Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) and more. These would be our humongous goal of all time.

” You can have a bachelor’s degree and still be a first degree of an IDIOT .. so …
STOP being a book-smart, be INTELLIGENCE “

In early year of 2021, he have set out an initiative the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) through the Binance Smart Chain (Bsc) called Arm Mercy World (ARMWORLD), for permission-less crowd funding platform, to raise fund for HOMELESS FOUNDATION worldwide, that has been one of the increasing concern for many countries which may benefit from this fund-raising program.

His ultimate goal is to create the FIRST CHARITY-FRIENDLY EXCHANGE in the WORLD , via Centralized Exchange (CEX) platform, that will allows the distribution from the nett exchange trading fees earned to the charity foundation world wide.

ceo picture

Area of Expertise

  • DEGREE in Mechanical Engineering at International University
  • CEO of Private Limited company , established since 2012
  • FULL TIME of Crypto Trader, Investor ,Miner, System Developer, Consultant and HOLDER since 2016
  • FOUNDER and INVESTOR of Arm Mercy World – ARMWORLD 2021 project